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Professional retouching typically takes a great amount of skill, patience, and expert technique. However, lacking those, you can get a head-start by looking at these portrait-specific software tools:

Imagenomic Portraiture $199.95.
Perfect Photo Suite 8.5: Portrait and Mask apps $179.95.
PerfectlyClear Lr and Photoshop plug-in by Athentech $199-$249.

Imagenomic’s product looks pretty cool, and their online demo seems very impressive. Many say Perfect Photo Suite’s portraiture and mask apps work great as well. I haven’t tried the Athentech product, since the stand-alone beta only runs on Windows machines (and their plug-ins are for Lr and Photoshop only), but they have a very convincing marketing pitch (promoting the “science” behind their multi-atented, image-correction algorithms), and the product promises true-to-life, one-touch, fleshtone corrections. I was talking to a fashion photographer the other day, and he told me that he never uses the healing brush since it destroys skin texture. Instead, he told me that one of his techniques is to raise the luminance of each pore individually (but I’m sure there’s much more to it than that).